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God is love and enjoys helping us in our needs.

My friends do you realize that the God who created this universe is a very kind, loving, and forgiving person?  Actually God is a divine family.  The Father leads out.  God is harmless, thoughtful of others, and meek.  Would you like to know God better?  

God is a pure, holy, righteous, loving person.  Really the God family our are best friends. Though now they are invisible to us, later we will be priviledged to see God face to face.   

We are God's children, his son's and daughter's.  One day soon we will all be reunited as one big happy family.  The same God who allowed sin to enter the universe will one day undoe all the damage that sin has done.  The curses will be reversed and only blessings will exist.  

Nothing is too hard for God.  Nothing takes God by surprise.  Nothing has caught God off guard.  God sees and knows everything.  We are given a probationary time period on this planet to develope our character and determine our place in God's immortal kingdom.   If you would have heavenly treasure and a high place in God's kingdom, then you must obey God and do His will in your life experience.  God will reward every person according to what we have done in our life time.  

God is life.  God never forgets as He is perfect and not effected by the aging process as known here on earth.  God has all knowledge and wisdom.  And God loves to give His gifts to human beings as we are His children.  Jesus said, "ask and you shall receive."  

Do you have a prayer request?  God loves to answer prayers for His children.  We can trust God with everything about ourselves.  God really has our best good in mind.  God is good.  

The message of Universal Restoration is a healing message.  This knowledgs has done much to heal my soul of pain, anger, fear, jealousy, revenge, and hate.  Now I cherish feelings of love, forgiveness, power, health, and good will to all mankind.  

This message will evenually answer all questions about the problem of sin and evil in God's universe.  It was the love of God that allowed Lucifer to experiment with sin and rebellion.  And it will be the love of God that finally conquers sin and rebellion in and out of the heart of Lucifer and all his angel and human followers.  

God has allowed us to choose our own destiny to the degree that we have choices for good or bad in this mortal life given to us.  Depending on how we relate to God and choose to obey His will or do our own way, will largely determine our position in the immortal kingdom of God.  

My friends I encourage you to read and study the Holy Bible in simple faith.  God loves and cares about you and all of His creation very much.  Every day we have a chance to honor God in the decisions we make.  God has given us this one lifetime to determine what our destiny will be in the kingdom of God.  After our lifetime is complete, God will determine our  position in His holy kingdom.  Will you have an elevated position with many responsibilities?  Or will you be as a simple servant to the saints?   

If you humble yourself and serve others you will be gathering up treasure in heaven.  If you live to honor yourself at the expense of others, and exhalt yourself in this lifetime, then your position may be that of a simple servant in God's kingdom.  God rewards every person according to what they do in this lifetime.  Practice the teachings of Jesus Christ and build on the rock of truth as a wise person.  

God will remember all of your sacrifices for the good of others.  Also He will remember those you may have taken advantage of.  Trust in God.  He is a trustworthy friend who will never let you down.  God bless you always.  Del.

Update.  My friends, the King James Version of the Bible is from the Textus Receptus origianl manuscripts of the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.  Other manuscripts have more recently been "found" and claimed to be older and more trustworthy.  The problem is these others leave out many important verses and words from the Textus Receptus Bible manuscripts.  Becsuse of these facts, I trust more in the KJV Bible than the modern versions.  You could search for yourself the facts on this topic.  Of course our goal is true Bible doctrine and teaching.  God bless you in your search for a close relationship with God.  It would be good if a modern language bible was based on the textus receptus manuscripts.  I will research this. Ok, here's a link for you.           




This website explains why the KJV Bible is original and authoritative as God's Word.  


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