Universal Restoration
Universal Restoration

     Hi friends.  Here's a question.  Will God keep the wicked people out of heaven?  The answer is:  the wicked people keep themselves out of heaven.  The wicked feel and sense their sin when coming into the presense of God.  This makes them very nervous and fearful.  Therefore they refuse to get too close to God and heaven. 

     The wicked will never love God or want to be in the holy place.  This is why they have to die the second death.  After they have died to sin, they will  be reborn again as a new creation in Jesus Christ.  Old things are passed away.  Behold all things are become new.  And so these born again, recreated beings will be grafted in at last to be servants to the saints of the Most High God.  Isaiah 14:1-3.  Psalm 2: 8,9.  Revelation 2:  27,28. 


a rainbow around the throne of God.
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