Universal Restoration
Universal Restoration


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Del. Have a look around my website and get to know more of the wonderful love of God.  Some have told me they had difficulty watching the video's here, but they can watch on youtube.  So here's my youtube channel.  Just type in the Youtube search bar this channel name...  delsha777   and it will take you to my video pages.  You may need to click the 2nd page if delta777 pops up.  I hope this helps.   delsha777.   Thanks. 

Here's an email you can use to ask me questions or to make comments. brotherlee44@gmail.com 

Thanks.  Del.

Study the Character of God

Let's take a journey into the heart of God and learn His plans for humanity.  The Bible rightly understood gives a beautiful message about God and His plans for mankind.  I hope this message will be a blessing to you.  


a rainbow around the throne of God.
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